Reasons to join

1 Transparency

We run legally registered, clean business. We encourage you to call us directly if you have any concerns. We welcome any suggestions from you and we will answer your questions within 24 hours.

2 Our Ladies are real and single

We have only single and genuine Ladies. We meet them all personally before creating their accounts in our website. We check their passports (including theirt marital status), their telephone numbers. The information about the Ladies is updated regularly and we take care that they make full description of themselves and the men they want to meet in their profiles.

3 Individual approach to every client

We work personally with every man. Our knowledge of the Ladies and our personal experience help us to find a perfect woman for you. Every man has his needs, expectations and desires and our goal is to find a woman who could be a good match for this particular man. We give free consultations to everybody trying to have the best results possible without interfering in private life.

4 Pricing

We have no catches or hidden fees. There are no monthly subscriptions and registration in our agency is FREE. You only pay for the services you use and the page is easy to find in our website.

We care about our reputation and we have the best personal service.



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